Jun 29, 2015

Using DD WRT on a Linksys WRT54G wifi router as a repeater Aug 29, 2012 Setting up a wireless repeater with DD-WRT and Tomato Dec 20, 2015 Note copied from Repeater Bridge mode, as it may also apply to Repeater mode: "Repeater Bridge with WPA2-AES is broken for k2.6 builds after 25974, though some models might work through 26125." See Repeater Bridge for original note. If you cannot get this to connect, first try disabling ALL wireless security to test. Dec 16, 2015 · To put it simply, a Client Bridge links computers while a Wireless Repeater connects routers. These mode changing options can be found in later builds of DD-WRT under the Wireless –> Basic Settings Tab (as seen in the image above). The default mode in DD-WRT is AP, which sets your router up as a standard access point for users.

In configuring the DD-WRT router to act as a wireless repeater, you must configure two connections. The first, is the wireless link between the remote AP and the DD-WRT router. This is configured on the DD-WRT routers physical interface so that the DD-WRT router can join the remote AP's network as a client, just like a laptop would.

But, If you have a cat-5 cable going from the first router (LAN port) to it, you should be able to plug it into the WAN port on the 6400 and set it to bridge mode instead. See if that works for you. DD-WRT Firmware: -r42054 : WRT3200ACM, WRT1200ACv1, (IOT subnet)WRT1900ACv1 DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - HOWTO: REPEATER MODE in atheros Nov 09, 2011

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Essentially, this means that you can boost and extend your wireless signal with just any old router and DD-WRT! Difference Between Client Bridge And Repeater Bridge A standard wireless bridge, or Client Bridge, is designed to connect wired clients to a secondary router as if … How to use an old DD-WRT router as a repeater - ProPrivacy.com