Azure Automation Account; Runbook (Your Powershell Code) Webhook; Azure Schedule; By default, an Azure runbook will only execute at a granular timing of 1 hour, this may not be suitable for your organization, and typically, you will want to be alerted to a system down, in this case a VPN Connection, as soon as possible.

Learn About Connecting Oracle Cloud with Microsoft Azure The following diagram shows more details of the cross-cloud networking between Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, with a sample workload.In this example, the workload in Microsoft Azure is a custom application with a public-facing load balancer. The custom application uses a private database running in Oracle Cloud.. For administrative access from your data center to the database in Oracle How to set up VPN between Cisco ASR and Cloud VPN Aug 25, 2017

Azure Site-To-Site VPN - From Home Lab To The Cloud - Part

Aug 01, 2016 Microsoft Azure

Starting an Azure Cloud Shell. Creating an Azure VPN Gateway with the Azure CLI. Establishing the VNet-to-VNet VPN Connection. Testing the Vnet-to-VNet VPN Connection. Validate Connect Azure Virtual Networks with VNet-to-VNet VPN Connections. The hands-on lab is part of this learning path. AZ-104 Exam Preparation: Microsoft Azure Administrator

Image 5: The VM-Series fully deployed to protect a hybrid cloud . Azure VPN Gateway. The other option for getting traffic to the VM-Series firewall is to instead deploy the Azure VPN gateway in front of the VM-Series firewall(s) and terminate the IPsec tunnel on the gateway instead of the VM-Series itself. IPsec VPN to Microsoft Azure – Fortinet Cookbook Jun 30, 2017 [SOLVED] Azure Cloud - Spiceworks