Belkin International places a high value on security of its networking products. For many people, their home Wi-Fi router is the only barrier between their home network and a multitude of hostile internet threats intent on taking over their devices. Mar 25, 2012 · now open new browser and paste your default gateway address in the top search box. and your belkin router control panel will pop up look on left hand side menu scroll down to security click on it then look at top of that screen there will be a drop down box you can adjust your settings from there good luck! 1. Make sure your router is connected to a power source and the Internet. 2. Connect to the default wireless network that your router creates (e.g. "belkin.XXX"). The default password should be printed at the bottom of your router. 3. Open your browser and navigate to the default router configuration page. Belkin routers are amongst the top choice of consumers who want to have a fast internet connection in a broad range of area. To avail its high-end internet solution, you need to go through the Belkin router login process through which you can configure your network and make it secure.

Belkin Wireless Router - Securing Your Wireless First, we will need to use the computer that we have wired directly into the LAN port on the router. Once you are on Once you have opened your Internet browser, you will need to clear out the Address Bar across the top. Here you will Now you will

You can follow some simple yet useful ways to secure your router: Change your common/default password.Many of the time user don't change their default password and Bammmm hackers get the access.

Mar 17, 2020 · These include network name and password, or the security level. From the router's main screen, parental controls can be implemented, a guest network can be created, and attached devices can be Feb 10, 2010 · Belkin (Any) Router Wi-Fi Security - Part 2 - Duration: 8:09. Hell Buddy Solutions 11,488 views. 8:09. How to use Zoom for Remote and Online learning - Duration: 10:29. How to Login And Configure Router; Click Security under Wireless You can select WEP or WPA to secure your Belkin WiFi network. Enable WEP on Belkin Router To select WEP, click on security mode drop menu and select WEP. WEP is of two kinds WEP 64 bit encryption and WEP 128-bit encryption.